Where to Buy Maternity Clothing in Canada

When you are getting ready to welcome a new life into the world, it can be exciting but difficult sometimes. Many women dislike maternity wear, and a large number of them worry that they don’t look their best. Well, there are plenty of stores where you can get attractive and stylish clothes that will make you look great and feel comfortable. Here are a few stores that sell some comfy and fashionable outfits for expectant mothers.


H&M has a variety of clothing to begin with, but their maternity wear is top quality. They have everything from dresses to blouses to jeans. There’s over a hundred items to choose from, including lingerie and tights. You can find plenty of styles, materials, and patterns to work with, so you’ll be sure to get something that fits you, lasts long, and looks great. There are 30 stores across the country, so you should be able to get whatever you need easily. There is also an online store, which will deliver everything right to your doorstep.

Old Navy

At Old Navy, you’ll find pretty much everything you need for yourself and for your new bundle of joy. You can easily pick up your entire wardrobe for an affordable price. You can also shop online if you want to, and have your clothes delivered to your home. These stores have hundreds of dresses, skirts, tops, swimsuits, intimates, and activewear, so you have virtually endless options.

Motherhood Maternity

This chain store caters exclusively to mothers, so you can be certain that you’ll find what you’re going to need during the pregnancy and after the birth. They have a ton of great clothes in a variety of colours and patterns, including dresses, sleepwear, swimwear, nursing bras, and more. There are also some options for your baby as well. There are 20 locations across Canada, but you can shop at their online store too if you need to.

Thyme Maternity

Thyme also caters solely to mother-to-be and new moms, and you may be able to get some excellent deals on the clothing too. They have a good website that will inform you about sales they have on offer. The site also helps you to shop for clothing by stages of your pregnancy. This store doesn’t just have clothing, it also has skin care, tips, and trends to check out. There are 20 stores across the south of the country.


At Sears, you can find all kinds of maternity wear, from comfortable and supportive lingerie to stylish dresses and items with stretchy, soft fabric. There are over 90 department stores around the country with several outlets, so you should be able to find a store near you. You can also easily see all their items on the Sears Canada website and shop online.


The Walmart chain is well known for its highly affordable clothing and wide ranges. Get all your essential items for baby and mother at these stores. They have hundreds of supercenters all over the country, plus more than 80 discount stores. Whatever your size, you can be sure that you will find clothes that will fit because Walmart has items from extra small to extra extra large. You can get something for every season too, and you can shop online if you need to.

These department and maternity stores will have everything you need as a mother to be and when you welcome your little one into the world. You can shop at the locations or online as all these stores have excellent websites. It is best to opt for stretch clothing that will grow with your baby bump.

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